NOV@TEK Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer

ˇˇˇˇWelcome to Novatek website and thank you for your interest in our products! Here you will find the details of our USB oscilloscopes, arbitrary waveform generators, logic analyzers and the USB-GPIB card.


Easy control Panel

Easy Control and Cursor Measurement emulates the conventional bench type oscilloscopes and is very intuitionistic and convenient

Compact Observe and Measure Interface

You will see Cross Cursor, CH1~CH4, FFT and Reference waveforms, Auto Measurements values in below.

Reference Waveform, Recorder, Pass/Fail Test

Waveform recall as a reference waveform and to do the Pass/Fail check
The Pass/Fail function is very useful in checking if the error of a new waveform is beyond the preset limit from an original saved waveform.

The 23kinds measurements: Vp-p, Vmax, Vmin, Vmean, Vrms, Vamp, Vhigh, Vlow, positive overshoot, negative overshoot, cycle mean, cycle rms, period, frequency, positive pluse width, negative pulse width, rise time(10% ~ 90%), fall time(10% ~ 90%), positive duty cycle, negative duty cycle
And Math: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division


Waveform output into Excel / Word/ Txt / Jpg/ Bmp format.

Waveform Generator

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