NOV@TEK DDS Arbitrary Waveform Generator

””””Welcome to Novatek website and thank you for your interest in our products! Here you will find the details of our USB oscilloscopes, arbitrary waveform generators, logic analyzers and the USB-GPIB card.

A compact and powerful Arbitrary Waveform Generator + High Precision Frequency Counter at the surprising lowest price!

You can choose the regular waveforms and set the parameters. The Arbitrary Waveform can be edited point by point or just by draw the curve arbitrarily on the screen by the mouse like drawing a picture!

It also has the advanced and unique digital input and output, synchronized signal outputs and external trigger input for digital electronics research

Two channels of Counter and Frequency measurement inputs.

The data format is completely compatible with that of Tektronix oscilloscope and waveform generator. The DDS technology enables the high frequency accuracy, high waveform resolution, high reliability, and wide software support.

It is widely used in electronic labs and for auto-test !




Frequency Counter


Frequency Resolution



(DDS-3X25 USB)




0.1% of the reading

12 bits

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