NOV@TEK DDS Arbitrary Waveform Generator

ˇˇˇˇWelcome to Novatek website and thank you for your interest in our products! Here you will find the details of our USB oscilloscopes, arbitrary waveform generators, logic analyzers and the USB-GPIB card.


USB2.0 PC interface

The true USB2.0 interface allows fast data transfer rate that ensures a quick screen update rate, even when collecting large amounts of data.

The plug&play character is very convenient for user to set up and connect the instrument to PC.

The device is powered directly from the USB bus that reduces the traditional power transformer.


Frequency Counters input:

one channel: 50MHz

Digital input and Output/Programmable Pattern Generator

12 Bits Output and 6Bits Input. Sync. output by separate terminals

Channels illustration:


A full function waveform generator

200MSa/s sample rate, 12 bits of vertical resolution;

25Mz arbitrary waveform output. (Sine wave up to 75 MHz).

with all regular waveforms selectable, such as Sine, Square, Tri-angle, Saw-tooth, TTL, White Noise, Gauss Noise, Trapezia, Exponent, AM and FM, and the parameters settable, such as frequency, amplitude, offset, modulation depth.

The arbitrary waveform edited just by drawing with the mouse and edit can be done just by mouse or by value-setting point by point


The 14 bits/12bits high D/A resolution make less distortion rate.

Auto zero calibration to adjust the zero floating because of environment reasons.

The data format is ˇ°.CSVˇ±. Its format is compatible with the CSV file produced by the Tektronix ARBExpress software. User can edit or set up the required CSV waveform and also use Excel to open and edit the CSV wave files.

DDS technology, High accuracy and resolution, wide software supporting. It can widely use in the various kinds of electronics labs.

It offers complete interface for second time development Labview\VB\VC\Delphi\C++Build

Special Features

High performance-to-price ratio

Able to work indepently without PC. The waveforms can be kept in the build-in flash and recalled. Only powered, it can produce the signal as a signal generator module for other equipments, while simulating the signals of sensors and actual environment.

One computer can be linked with several DDS-1025G to expand Multi-channels

Strong and good looking metal housing

Support Windows XP to Windows 10

Provide Labview, VC,VB SDK exmaples.


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